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Bufete Marroquín is a multidisciplinary law firm; therefore, it is structured in different areas of practice, corresponding to the main branches of law.

Our determination is to advise our customers from a perspective of constant assistance and conflict prevention, providing immediate response to any legal issue that our clients may encounter. Consequently, a team of specialists addresses the needs or the requests of our customers, under the supervision and responsibility of a partner, who acts as a responsible and team coordinator.

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Commercial and Company Law

Our working philosophy is based on establishing a personal and immediate relationship while providing our services. This has enabled us to create and retain an important client portfolio, which comprises both national and multinational companies. This objective to assist our clients covers general advising on all matters concerning Commercial and Company Law, which may affect a company or its representatives while developing its activities.

From a Commercial Law viewpoint, our legal counseling embraces all issues concerning national and international commercial contracts, negotiation and execution of all type agreements that customers should like to enter into in the course of their business, as well providing legal advice on ordinary mercantile transactions.
From a Company Law perspective, our services extend to all type of legal acts and transactions that a company could or should face from its incorporation to its liquidation, including advisement in the incorporation of the company,  drafting its by-laws and other regulations, capital operations, dividends policies, agreements related to shares, share participations or quotas, negotiating and drafting agreements of shareholder’s agreements foreseeing solutions to blockages or conflicts, providing support to executive bodies of companies, acting as secretaries to board of directors, as well as advising in business restructuration processes, such as mergers, spin-offs or global transfers of assets and liabilities, partnerships agreements and joint ventures agreements, including industrial property, intellectual property and new technologies issues.

In this field, we provide counseling in the implementation of corporate crime prevention protocols (Corporate Compliance).

Both Commercial Law and Company Law are the core business of the firm; therefore all our attorneys are linked to these areas of practice; Víctor Marroquín and Luis Reina, who have a wide experience in this field, are the partners responsible of these areas.


Restructuring and Insolvency

They are one of the main legal practice areas of Bufete Marroquín, which is greatly specialized in theses fields since its foundation. The firm is recognized as one of the most important Barcelona’s boutique firms. We are specialized in counseling both companies experiencing financial crisis as well as to creditors affected by the insolvency of their debtors.

We have successfully taken part in the insolvency restructuration of important business groups in our country, as well as providing advisement to various small and medium companies in achieving pre-bankruptcy conventional solutions, enabling business continuity and the conservation of the companies’ assets, without the need of initiating bankruptcy proceedings.

Our activity in the area of insolvency has been particularly relevant in the last decade. The firm has advised both companies and individuals, and has taken part as insolvency administrator in numerous insolvency proceedings, both national and international, including several of the most important ones that have taken place in the jurisdiction of Barcelona since the Spanish Insolvency Act, dated 1 September 2004, entered into force. Bufete Marroquín has been key to reaching composition agreements that make the viability of the activity of the insolvency company possible, and has been actively involved in advising major national and multinational companies for the acquisition of production units, as a priority solution in liquidation proceedings.

The main advisory services we provide in this area are: diagnosis and analysis of business crises; advice on insolvency prevention measures (including pre-insolvency stages) and business feasibility plans; consultancy on restructuring or refinancing of debts with public entities, financial institutions or suppliers; promotion of preliminary solutions to insolvency; counsel on implementing organizational and restructuring measures, especially in implementing employment processes (collective dismissals); direction and advice on bankruptcy proceedings, either from the debtor or creditor perspective (in this case, seeking credit recovery), legal counsel in judicial disputes concerning liabilities of directors and officers; as well as advice on acquisition of assets (production units) and doubtful debts, and due diligences processes.

In the restructuring and insolvency areas, our Firm counts with a specialized team which is led by Víctor Marroquín, the responsible partner for these areas, who, along with Ignacio Marroquín, have been recognized by the prestigious guides Chambers Europe and Best Lawyers as highly recommended professionals in these fields. In these specialties, our firm has published various surveys and has participated in drafting several collective works.


Litigation and Arbitration

They are one of the main areas of specialization of our firm, in which we have an extensive experience in the approach issues and risks arising from legal conflicts, studying alternatives to legal action, enhancing mediation and, if possible, executing court settlements. We offer legal counsel in all types of lawsuits, either as plaintiffs or defendants, and we bring all types of actions and claims before all judicial courts or arbitration courts.

Bufete Marroquín has a recognized standing in the area of Litigation, with an extensive experience in all kinds of procedures in the (i) Civil Jurisdiction (such as family and inheritance proceedings, civil liability, breach of contracts and damages, protection of fundamental rights, general contracting conditions, leases, evictions, first refusal rights and issues arising from the Spanish Horizontal Property Act), (ii) Commercial Jurisdiction (such as corporate disputes, directors’ and liquidators’ liabilities, commercial contracts, mergers and acquisitions, Competition Law, or legal actions in insolvency proceedings), (iii) Administrative Jurisdiction (claims against public administrations arising from contracts or issues concerning public administrations, as well as disputes based on non-contractual state liability), (iv) Labor Jurisdiction (representing companies and directors in all types of labor proceedings), and (v) disputes before the administrations or arbitration proceedings. We have correspondents and close alliances with professional firms established in other jurisdictions in order to coordinate all types of lawsuits in foreign courts and arbitration.

Ignacio Marroquín is the partner in charge of the Litigation and Arbitration Department, who has been recognized by the prestigious Best Lawyers professional guide as a strongly recommended professional in the last years.


Tax Law

Bufete Marroquín provides continuous and specific advice on Tax Law both to companies and individuals. This section of the firm is one of the most active ones, since, besides the specialized advice it provides to our customers, it supports other departments of the firm in order to ensure that the proposed solutions are planned foreseeing any tax issues that may arise. The Tax Law Department has an experienced team in this branch, in order to optimize the tax benefits in all kinds of mercantile, company and investment transactions, especially in real estate transactions. We advise both, residents and nonresidents, in their taxation, inspection procedures and actuations, proceedings brought against the Spanish tax authorities, as well as in the complementary advisement of accounting, financial management of companies and tax and wealth planning.

The responsible partners for Tax Law Department are Carlos Marroquín and Marianne Romero-Fiol.


Civil Law

In this area of practice, of great tradition in our firm, we provide legal services to individuals and legal entities in cases involving Civil Law, with special attention to the Catalan Civil Law or other Civil legislations that coexist in Spain. Bufete Marroquín has proven broad experience in advising on Inheritance Law cases, both litigious or counseling for the proper preparation of testamentary dispositions; regulating and solving conflicts that may arise in community of goods and rights; wealth management; constitution or dissolution of economic regimes among spouses, as well as guidance regarding Family Law, marital separation processes, divorces or regulation and extinction of stable forms of union established between couples or unmarried partners.

Ignacio Marroquín and Vanessa Pérez Paz are the persons responsible for the division of Civil Law.


Employment Law

The firm provides legal advice on all matters related to this branch of legal practice, assisting companies in all type of issues that may arise from labor relations, both from the perspective of Labor Law, Social Security Law, and Insolvency Law. Fundamentally, we advise in matters related to recruitment (negotiation and drafting of contracts), human resources (salaries, protocols and codes of conduct, prevention and labor risks policies), reorganization and restructuration of staff, advising and negotiation in collective procedures (suspension of agreements, collective redundancies, changes of working conditions), advisement in administrative matters and contentious administrative (social security contributions, labor inspection, work accidents and administrative sanctions) and in proceedings before the Labor jurisdiction and contentious-administrative courts.

Juan Llopis is the partner responsible for this area; Juan is specialized in Labor Law and Social Security Law; he has an extensive experience in these fields, advising both individuals and companies in cases involving conflicts and claims of labor nature.


Real estate Law and Urban Planning Law

We count with a professional team with an extensive experience in designing, negotiating and executing real estate development and real estate transactions, such as sale and purchase agreements, barters, counseling on the legal aspects concerning new constructions, Horizontal Property Law, Mortgage Law, project agreements and Construction Law. Bufete Marroquín has a team of attorneys specialized in counseling and giving professional services in Urban Law matters, as well as in all other issues that result from urban planning and urban executions.

Ignacio Marroquín and Vanesa Pérez are the partners in charge of this area of practice.


Administrative Law

Bufete Marroquín Administrative Law Department is focused on advising clients, both individuals and companies, on their relations with the Administration. The activity of the department covers clients’ assessment in all type of procedures, instances and requests filed before local, autonomic or state administrations, as well as drafting and presenting appeals before the corresponding administrations and according to the different regulations. Together with the Litigation Department, the Administrative Department coordinates all kinds of legal action against public entities.

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