The firm

Bufete Marroquín is a prestigious law firm, which was founded in 1950 and over its 65 years of existence has been fully dedicated to the independent practice of Law. Bufete Marroquín’s vocation is to be a multidisciplinary firm and it is specialized above all in Civil Law, Commercial Law and Litigation. We are an essentially pragmatic professional law firm, entirely dedicated to our clients; we aim to help our customers in the best manner that suits their needs, trying to reach a solution to their business necessities in the fastest possible way. We have always maintained a strong work ethic, which identifies and distinguishes us. Our work ethic is focused on providing comprehensive legal services based on three fundamental pillars: Technical quality, commitment of abnegated dedication to customer service and development of a transparent and honest professional practice.

We impose on ourselves, as our guideline, a high self-demanding professional conduct. We practice Law with loyalty to the principles that constitute the basis of our daily work. We are, above all, a way of working.

Our work ethic is summarized in the following characteristics:

Client’s firm, not just for cases
We are a law firm that aims to solve any legal problem that may concern to our clients, acting as their personal counselor. We provide our clients with a special personal attention and when we face any type of issue, either in the business or personal level, we allocate all our available resources, in order to guide our Clients and find an appropriate solution.
We are multidisciplinary firm
Bufete Marroquín is a multidisciplinary law firm; we are organized in different professional sections in order to provide rapid response to any case or situation in which our customers require the advice of an attorney, regardless of the branch to which it may refer.
Committed to the highest technical quality
As an essential feature of Bufete Marroquín, our lawyers self-impose the commitment of maintaining a high level of technical quality, deep study, careful academic training and research.
We guarantee full dedication, hard work and prompt response
Our firm is committed to work with the maximum effort and dedication, in order to provide the swiftest and most successful professional response.
We practice Law with ethical and professional nobility
We play it clean. We instill on our associates and partners an honorable practice of Law, in which both professional courtesy and fair play prevails, nevertheless safeguarding the client’s interests. We aim to transmit confidence to our clients and respectability to their counterpart.
Committed to transparency and customer information
We maintain a constant and personal contact with our clients, providing maximum information and ensuring full transparency. Our clients must always feel entirely assisted and that their case is followed at all time and attended by the corresponding professional until it is definitely solved.





Bufete Marroquín provides legal counsel within the territory of Spain and has entered into several agreements with various law firms and professionals which are established in the most important and strategic European cities as well as with other law firms established world-wide. This structure allows us to provide our clients with an appropriate organization, which is able to answer international issues that may arise. In addition, Bufete Marroquín belongs to the international recovery organization INTERNATIONAL ADVISERS.
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